SURPRISE! We're pregnant!

In case you missed the announcement on Instagram - we're pregnant! 

W I T H   T W I N S

Yep! It was definitely a bit of a shock! Let me back up for a quick second. So, this is my third pregnancy, and with each of the other two I've had dreams about the babies gender before we found out. I had a dream this time that we had gotten the genetic testing results done that also tells you if the baby has xx or xy chromosomes. In the dream, I was reading the results and it said "xxxx". I teased John the next day and told him he gave me another girl - we have three between us currently - and told him what I saw in the dream. He replied "Chromosomes come in pairs, that's two girls." and then for the next week or so before the first midwife appointment, he kept saying there were two babies in there. I told him not to get his hopes up.

Well, it turns out he was mostly right. I went to the first appointment alone, and as soon as the ultrasound image popped up on the screen, I immediately saw two little bean shaped babies. The ultrasound technician asked "Do twins run in your family?". A bit shell shocked, I replied "They do now".

But, we don't know yet if they are identical (which happens randomly if the egg splits and is not genetic) or fraternal, so jury is still out if if genetics even come into play here. We will have to have them DNA tested after their born.

In the coming weeks, I'll write another post about what its been like carrying twins so far in case you're curious.


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