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Bee Balm and Ash

Gold Reiki Energy Healing // 60 Minute Distance Session

Gold Reiki Energy Healing // 60 Minute Distance Session

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Gold Reiki // Transformative Healing // Deeper Meditations // Increased Energy // Enhance Intuition

Unleash Your Potential with Gold Reiki: Powerful Healing & Transformation

✨ Feeling stuck? Longing for a deeper connection to yourself and a more fulfilling life? Gold Reiki can be your answer.

Gold Reiki is a form of Reiki that utilizes the strongest light of transformation in the physical universe, the Gold Ray. 

 🌞 The Golden Ray is the 12th Ray of Creation and is the highest frequency of Source Light currently available to the Earth plane. It contains the essence of all the preceding rays and its energy is what is known as Christ Consciousness; the experience of Oneness with the Creator.

Benefits are:
🫶🏼 Emotional Freedom: Release negativity, limiting beliefs, and past hurts.
🪬 Intuition Boost: Tap into your inner wisdom and gain clarity on your path.
🌈 Vibrant Energy: Feel revitalized, with increased stamina and a strengthened immune system.
🌎 Deeper Connection: Enhance your meditation practice and connect with your Higher Self.
🌜Stronger Relationships: Attract healthy, loving connections and heal past wounds.

Gold Reiki is Perfect for You If:

❖ You're ready to let go of negativity and embrace positive change.
❖ You desire a deeper connection to yourself and your intuition.
❖ You're seeking increased energy and overall well-being.
❖ You want to improve your relationships and attract more love.

Book your Gold Reiki Session Today! Spots are limited!

During your session:
Allow yourself to simply relax and receive. You may experience a range of sensations – all perfectly normal. If you fall asleep, do not worry, Reiki works regardless. Drink plenty of water after your session to facilitate the cleansing process.

After your session:
Receive a personalized summary of your session, including any intuitive insights or blockages I sensed and you are welcome to discuss and ask questions if you feel inclined.

**Please note this is not a physical listing and nothing will be mailed to you**


Reiki is not intended to treat, diagnose, or replace any medical care you may be currently receiving.

By purchasing my services, you are agreeing to continue any medical treatment prescribed by your doctor or healthcare provider, and you understand that Reiki is only meant to supplement conventional medicine, counseling, or other treatment from a medical professional.

Upon purchase, you are also agreeing to use any feedback or suggestions you may receive post-session at your discretion. I am not responsible for any decisions you make.

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