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Pleiadian Reiki & Orions Light Ray // 60 Minute Distance Session

Pleiadian Reiki & Orions Light Ray // 60 Minute Distance Session

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Pleiadian Reiki & Orion's Light Ray //  Distance Energy Healing Session, High-Frequency Channeling, DNA Upgrades, Release Blockages

✨Awaken your inner light and experience a transformative healing journey!

❖ Unveiling your true potential with the combined power of the 7 Pleiadian Rays and Orion's Light Ray.
❖ Elevating your psychic abilities and experiencing a deeper connection to the universe.
❖ Healing on a physical level as stagnant energy is released and blockages dissolve.
❖ Feeling a surge of peace and tranquility as you step into a state of profound relaxation.
❖ Receiving personalized insights from Spirit to guide your journey.

This unique 60-minute distance session allows you to receive these powerful energies from the comfort of your own home.

Here's why this is unlike any other healing experience:

❖ The 7 Pleiadian Rays: Each ray, channeled by a specific Pleiadian being, offers a unique energy for healing and awakening.
❖ Orion's Light Ray: This powerful ray acts as a catalyst, merging the Pleiadian energies with your own, creating a "Majestic Vortex" for profound transformation.
❖ Chakra Empowerment: Receive personalized gem placements corresponding to your chakras, further amplifying the healing process.

These combined energies create a potent synergy that can:

❖ Activate your dormant DNA potential for a closer connection to your divine self.
❖ Release emotional and physical blockages holding you back.
Accelerate your spiritual growth and psychic development.

This is more than just healing; it's an awakening! Book your session today and step into your true power!

During your session:
Allow yourself to simply relax and receive. You may experience a range of sensations – all perfectly normal. If you fall asleep, do not worry, Reiki works regardless. Drink plenty of water after your session to facilitate the cleansing process.

After your session:
Receive a personalized summary of your session, including any intuitive insights or blockages I sensed and you are welcome to discuss and ask questions if you feel inclined.

**Please note this is not a physical listing and nothing will be mailed to you**


Reiki is not intended to treat, diagnose, or replace any medical care you may be currently receiving.

By purchasing my services, you are agreeing to continue any medical treatment prescribed by your doctor or healthcare provider, and you understand that Reiki is only meant to supplement conventional medicine, counseling, or other treatment from a medical professional.

Upon purchase, you are also agreeing to use any feedback or suggestions you may receive post-session at your own discretion. I am not responsible for any decisions you make.

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  • Sos E.

    "A powerful energy I felt the energy around my body like a warm hug, I felt kindness, calm and peace, Ashley very creative and talented I am grateful for dealing with her she is very helpful, Grateful to the universe for putting her in my way, thank you Ashley for your beautiful and amazing work.. my soul appreciate yours 💕🌸"